For every order you place, $1 will be donated to The Jed Foundation. You will be directly helping teens and young adults Improve emotional health and prevent suicide.

Being that we are a dark aesthetic brand, we focus on the concept of "darkness" a lot.
But more than that, we focus on finding the light in the darkness and embracing the growth that comes from struggle.
The goal here is to remind others that they aren't alone, that the darkness can be overcome, and that they don't have to hide it.
Wearing the dark aesthetic proudly shines a light on that darkness, loosening its grip on your life.
...or if you just like dope streetwear, thats cool too.

So regardless of why you've bought drip from us or are considering it, you're impacting the world of someone else. For that, we thank you for joining us on our mission.


OCT 2023